Greater benefits for many in their daily battle of life.
I MUST BE RESPONSIBLE                By  Phil Guerena Sr.

One of the most frequently used excuses for angry people is:  “You made me angry.”   With that lame pretext, they believe they are not to be blamed for their lack of self-control and bitterness.  Other excuses are:  “You made me late, traffic made me late, the rain made me late and so on.”   Many times these are just feeble attempts to continue to be late or to not be accountable.  Sometimes if they show up late for appointments they never even bother to excuse themselves.  Other times they do not show up at all nor do they say why. 

In the United States of America, there are many school buses that pick up children for school and take them home after school.   These buses are equipped with bright red lights that go on and off repeatedly when the children are boarding or leaving the school buses.  The bright red lights that go on and off are clear signals to all other vehicles that children are stepping onto or off of the school buses.  There have been some cases when reckless drivers pay no attention to these warning lights and plow ahead and hit the kids who are boarding or getting off.  One case in particular, a careless driver sped ahead in spite of the warning red lights and killed a thirteen year old boy.   His father was a good friend of mine.  This particular driver said: “I was in a hurry.” 

Looking at another case, a drunk driver killed his whole family who were in the car he was driving.  He was the only one who survived the car wreck and said:  “I could not help it, I was celebrating.”   However, he had been previously warned and punished for drunk driving. 

In the lending of books there are many cases when the borrower loses the book.  These can readily be forgiven when it’s done without malice.  Yes, there are times when the real owners of the books their friends to please return the books.  The borrowers promised many times and even for years that they would return them.  Some people and books both disappear never to be seen nor heard from again.  Even if they were once considered friends, they have now become thieves and liars.  In Mexico a saying has been invented in order to try and lessen the significance of such negligent behavior…“A person who loans books is dumb but even dumber are the ones who return them.”

The Biblical Command, “You shall not steal”, is definitely not obeyed by thieves and liars.  I have seen movements of God that have been put down by pious Christian thieves.  In one instance, in one big city, many people were being awakened to the power and presence of God.  This was all going to be culminated by a big powerful evangelistic crusade.  Most of the evangelical and Protestant churches were united in prayer and purpose to bring this to pass. 

But suddenly, the whole thing came to an abrupt stop.  Months before these meeting were to be held, sin was committed by many of the churches.  The office of one of the leaders had a big shipment of bibles for that occasion.  In order to help the movement, this leader offered all the pastors and churches to come to his office and pick up as many bibles as possible and he would give them to them at cost.  Even if the pastors or churches did not have any money, this generous leader would give them credit.   All the bibles were cleaned out with the promise to pay for them later.  Sad to say, many were never paid and these pastors and churches became pious thieves.    It seemed like many of the bibles were taken with the sincere intention of never paying them.  This special movement of God for this community was almost completely lost for this city.  There is no form of fraud or pious stealing that pleases God.  Sadly, because of this, God stopped this planned special evangelistic out pouring blessed by Him. 

Responsible people are very grateful.  Where there is gratitude there is faithfulness.  They are grateful because they realize the sacrifices and benefits that were given to them were far beyond anything they deserved.  This is probably the main reason why good marriages last so long.  This same attitude of appreciation can wipe away all bitterness.  First there is loyalty and willingness to fulfill all commitments, especially to God.   I think we all realize that God is constantly watching and some day we all must give an account directly to Him.   “For the ways of man are before the eyes of the LORD, and He ponders all his paths.”      (Proverbs 5:21)