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I MUST KILL MY LYING                                         By   Phil Guerena Sr.

It seems that lying is politically correct.  During one of the campaigns for President of the United States of America, one of the candidates was showing himself off as the biggest liar that would ever live in the White House.  He was easily exposed as a very untruthful person.  One of his most faithful supporters was interviewed on a television news station.  This person was confronted that his choice for this high office was a very big liar.   He responded by saying, yes but he is so qualified for this very important position.  Fortunately, this man never became president, but he almost did.  
Probably, Abraham Lincoln was one of the most honest persons who ever became President.  But after him there were only very few who were honest and truthful as he.   In Mexico there are two former presidents who seem to always speak the truth, Benito Juarez and Lazaro Cardenas.  Former president Ronald Reagan is a very interesting case.  He lied once in a while, but, it looks like he repented and finally came across with the real story.  He openly called Russia the evil empire which is really what it was.  But he reached out to them and they tested him.  They released a captured U.S.A. spy pilot, but they told Reagan not to brag about it.  When this pilot was released, there was no mention from the White House of the intervention which actually happened.  It appeared like it was only a Russian act of mercy.  
The Soviet Union was highly impressed with a politician who did not lie and kept his word.   Prime Minister Gorbachev and President Regan became very good friends who could trust one another.  The Russians and the Americans scaled back all their weapons of atomic warfare.  The Berlin wall was even torn down with Reagan’s public demand.  A very large piece of that wall is on exhibition at his Presidential Library.  There is a very sobering statement about this man at his memorial grounds.  “He started out to change the States and he ended by changing the whole world.”   It is something like that, but what a tribute to someone who could be loved, respected and appreciated by his enemies.   At his death and memorial burial services, Gorbachev was personally present. 
“Lying lips are an abomination to the LORD; but those who deal truthfully are His delight.”   Proverbs 12:22   Not only does God rejoice in truthful lips but anyone living does the same.  However, lying lips, cheating, and even killing are accepted by some religions, if it is done to defend them.  Christians can be glad that Jesus Christ never lied.  He is the example of all His followers and He expects them to do the same. 
At the very beginning of the early Apostolic Christian Church, liars were punished by death.  If that rule were applied today it would be a worldwide lights out for many.  But praise God for His mercy and forgiveness.  The Bible says that there will be no liars in heaven because we will all be perfect then.  But sad to say that many Christians think and practice the political acceptance of lies.  May I remind all Christians that the father of lies is the devil himself.  When we lie we follow him.  “Blessed is the man that makes the LORD his trust, and respecteth not the proud nor such as turn aside to  lies.”      Psalm 40:4