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I MUST KILL MY PRIDE                 By Phil Guerena Sr.

I must kill my pride because it gets me into many problems.  It must be stated...God never wants to hurt our pride—He wants to kill it.  
In the Book of Proverbs 8:13 it states:  “The fear of the LORD is to hate evil; Pride and arrogance and the evil way And the perverse mouth I hate.”  God hates pride and arrogance!   Arrogance lifts itself up and pays no attention to anyone.  It not only disrespects the opinions of others but even the persons who have differing views.  It seems like pride does not want to acknowledge other ideas nor consider anyone’s feelings.   
There was an instance when two men were fighting.   One of them got the best of his opponent and was on top of him beating him up without mercy.  Out of kindness, those watching the fight rescued the man underneath by pulling off the aggressor.  However, the beaten up man got up bleeding and injured saying: “good thing you got him off of me, or else I would have killed him.”  Thus it can be seen that an arrogant person even with punishing blows does not want to understand.  
The Bible teaches that the first arrogant person in history was the angel Lucifer.  He was a most beautiful angel and with a very high position- probably an archangel.  He regarded himself so powerful and elegant that he wanted to take God’s place.  Lucifer began his downfall by saying: I will put my throne above the stars of heaven (There was only one throne- God’s), I will sit on the mount of the congregation, I will be like the most High.  Five times he used the pronoun- I.  It was an uncontrolled “I will” that got him kicked out of heaven by God Himself.  Pride and arrogance changed the beautiful angel into the enemy of God.  Pride literally transformed an angel into an infernal devil.  The sad part is that one third of the heavenly angels followed him.  
Lucifer took many angels with him; those who supported him fell with him.  They are now demons, evil spirits, who obey the will of their master- the devil.  The warning is that egotism contaminates and misdirects one to do evil; this can happen even to the best of us.  
God’s Ten Commandments and those who follow them are the enemies of pride.  Many of those unfortunate ones who rebel against them, God’s law, have their own god in themselves.  This “I” is exalted and produces an idol which is me.    My own pleasure is the most important goal in life, but with such pleasure come severe consequences.  Is it fun to die because of loose living?  It seems like this type of living was always searching for a promised hope and joy that was never achieved.  These people usually are so stubborn that they challenge God and even His existence.  
Pride was the main reason that a celestial beautiful creature was converted into the worse diabolical enemy of God and the universe.  Therefore we can easily agree with the saying that pride is the religion of hell.  “God will hear and afflict them, Even He who abides of old.  Selah Because they do not change, Therefore they do not fear God.”      (Psalm 55:19)
These stubborn people submit to their own desires.   They are resentful and will not change and least of all are they willing to listen to God and His divine rules.   God's rules were given to humanity in order that they might live in peace and happiness.  Those who fake being His followers are called “raging wolves in sheep’s clothing.”  
But they have never been able to imitate real meekness and humbleness.   They who have the mouth of a lion are quickly discovered by their roaring words.   While lifting up themselves they put down others.  They believe that meekness is weak and weary.  Nevertheless, when Jesus Christ was born it was in a stable and with lowly peasant parents.  The first ones who heard the announcement of his birth were humble shepherds in the fields, men of modest living.  
The adopted father of Jesus was Joseph, a carpenter from Nazareth, where Jesus grew up.  This was a rural town like many others at that time.  Jesus lived and died without living in luxuries.  His first disciples and followers were men of humble upbringing.  Most of them were fishermen.  When He entered triumphantly into Jerusalem, he was mounted on a little donkey.  His death was on a cross, where thieves, robbers and murderers were usually executed.  The first churches that his disciples started were among the poor people.  Jesus Christ definitely killed pride from his birth until He ascended to heaven.  It is very curious and obvious that even today the poor people in the world are the ones who respond easier to the message of the Cross than those in upper society.  Come unto Him and humbly follow Him.