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I MUST LOVE PEOPLE                                    By Phil Guerena Sr.

One of the things that must be done in order to be a well-balanced person is to love people. With that said, however, individuals once considered best friends can easily betray you and become your worst enemies. In order to justify their rebellion they can speak evil against you and tear you down verbally. No wonder there is a saying that states: With friends like you why do I need enemies.

This is the theme of the book of Job, probably the oldest book in history. He was down and had lost all including his ten children, and his own personal health. Then three close friends came to weep with and to comfort him. Job had been a very prosperous man, even being the richest man in his day.  People looked up to him since he was righteous and spoke kind and encouraging words to one and all. It seems live his friends envied him and now was their chance to get back at him. All the negative things and put downs that they threw at him were pious lies because they considered themselves godly.

This story goes on until even a young lad of maybe 18 years of age also blasted Job verbally with great anger and spite. The lad probably came representing another one of Job's friends who could not be there so his young son was sent instead.  He listened and angrily accused them all of being wrong and unrighteous. He now gave his opinion drawing on the “vast” experience and knowledge of an arrogant young man who was wisely endowed in his 18 years of life. I think that I might have been this way too when I was 18 and knew everything. The only solution to these attacks against Job was that God had to interrupt them all and justify Job. Their pride and envy spoke and not their compassionate hearts. Job had to pray for them so that they could be restored to God.

The best Spanish novel ever written is the incomparable Don Quijote De La Mancha, by Miiguel Cervantes.  He said that he was from the mancha, which means a blot or an insignificant stain. Many scholars believe since he was persecuted and jailed there many times, he would not even mention in his book, the name of his home town in Spain. While he was in jail in Sevilla, Cervantes begins to write a hilarious classic of the twisted thinking’s of his day.  His main character, Don Quijote, was severely affected by the daily reading of tales of heroism of knighthood.  He transforms himself into a gallant knight on the loose. He attempts to solve all the problems of his day with chivalry, courage and crazy actions. It is acknowledged as one of the greatest literary pieces ever written.  It has been translated into many languages and its sales and universal acceptance is surpassed only by the bible.

So we have Job, the oldest book in history and Don Quijjote, probably the greatest novel ever written in any language, both of which tell how they were mistreated by friends and society. There seems to be a problem here that transcends throughout the ages . There is a way given to mankind to help him get along with his fellowman. This is the second part of the Ten Commandments. The first section is given to inform man how to love God. The second part

shows mankind how to get along with his fellow man. It starts out with “honor your father and mother, Do not kill, Do not commit adultery, Do not steal, Do not lie, and ends with “you shall not covet even your neighbor’s wife.”

Encouraging kind words are supposed to be taught at home. If this was missing in your upbringing, then you must catch up by repairing your life. May God teach you how to forgive one and all in your past and present. Then you must learn to be a very forgiving person starting with your wife, children, and family. May you have the meekness to be a very good listener to your wife, friends and especially the Bible.  A key verse is: “I love Him because He first loved me.” Jesus said: “by this shall all men know that you are my disciples if you love one another as I have loved you.” The bible states, “Love never fails.”