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I MUST RESPECT HISTORY                 By  Phil Guerena Sr.
It has been said that he who does not respect history is destined to repeat it.  Worse yet, if it is a bad or evil historical past, he is condemned to be its slave while repeating it.  Hatred has always been persistent in any age or culture.  It has produced wars, killings, bitterness and destruction.   This could be one of the main reasons for divorce.   This is all passed on to our children, friends, and society and even to a nation. 

There are many examples of this situation in all of history.   We will only take a peek at a very few in order to see hatred’s devastating effect.   Probably the greatest novel ever written in any language which has sold more copies and translations than any book except the Bible, is:  Don Quijote de la Mancha by Miguel Servantes written in 1605. The second part was written in 1615 one year before he died in Madrid.   The author was persecuted because he liked to write and produce plays which told the truth but at the same time were very entertaining.  He also exalted the Spanish language.  It seems that some of the slanderous acts against Servantes were that he probably read the Bible, and in Spanish which was his native tongue.  
Even today, newspaper reporters who reveal the truth and even politicians who do the same are sometimes rejected and even killed.  Let us look at the German Nazi party of the Second World War.  Putting forward themselves as the supreme race of the whole world and the only ones who deserve to rule over all.  They would do it producing the best weapons and soldiers for war.   This was necessary in order to impose their power and beliefs on all.  Those who oppose them had to be destroyed even if it meant any nation and people.
The wrath of evil being spilled over all the world was total war against society.   Many monstrosities that the Nazis committed are very difficult to imagine and to take into account.  They tried to exterminate the Jews, the Polish, the sick, the lame and whoever they thought were weak.   Many women were raped when they entered Russia and other countries.  When the Nazis were defeated and proven wrong, some of those condemned to hanging, shouted “hiel Hitler” before they died. Even today there are clubs that celebrated Hitler’s birthday and maintain the swastika.

Throughout the ages, hatred has always supported it’s self with bitterness, disrespect, unfaithfulness, selfishness, anger, boasting, pride, arrogance, disobedience, treason, resentfulness, etc, etc.
Above all, it upholds its views with lies.  Almost three thousand years ago the Bible tells:  “Whosoever speaks the truth declares what is right, but a false witness deceit.”   (Proverbs 12:17)  Then in Proverbs 10:18 it says: “The one who conceals hatred has lying lips, and whosoever spreads slander is a fool.”  (HCSB  Holman Christian Standard Bible)    

Hatred can be abolished with forgiveness- seeking God’s mercy and then becoming a very forgiving person.  Kindness, truthfulness, helpfulness, and self-control are the marks of a person who follows the Prince of Peace.  You will display all this in your walk and talk along with His meekness and gentleness.  This is not a walk according to the flesh but according to the Word. 

There is always hope for the living as stated in another reference.  “But there is hope for whosoever is joined with all the living, since a live dog is better than a dead lion.”    (Ecclesiastes 9:4)  Meekness to seek and know the truth which hopefully will lead to forgiveness and gentleness can tear down any darkness, when Jesus Christ is allowed into our lives.  Then we can teach by example, our children and friends rightness instead of wickedness.  “Hatred stirs up strife, But love covers all sins.”  (Proverbs 10:`12)   May we learn from history to avoid hatred or else we will be dominated by it even if we consider ourselves good.     (See II Tim. 3:1-5)