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I MUST RESPECT MY LEADERS            By Phil Guerena Sr.

I must respect my leaders, this must first be learned in the home.   Children must see mom and dad respecting, encouraging, and forgiving one another.   Children must be taught to honor their father and mother, Exodus 20:12.  It might be that many of the rebellious people might not have come from very good homes where dad and mom were always respected.  The home is the basic structure where a person learns most of life’s important concepts of righteous living.  If this is missing in the home, then the children are thrown out into the streets where life is very selfish and vicious.  Lies and violence are the norm. There, being subjective to authority is a joke.   However, these basic elements in life can be restored.   

God’s commandments are designed to lead us in paths of righteousness for our own good and for the good of society.   Happiness is defined as doing what is correct, like do not commit adultery and do not covet.   All of these are wrapped up in humility and truthfulness.  Many times the desires to commit adultery or to steal must be taken down or else they will take you down.  Of course leaning on the Powerful Word of God for guidance and light gives the victory to those who seek it. 
Respecting your leaders is a Biblical command found, many places, in the Old and New Testaments.  For example, I Peter 2;13-14: “Therefore submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake, to the king as supreme or to governors.”  Even though some rulers are unworthy of our trust, nevertheless they still are to be respected.  During the Second World War, some leaders were elevated far beyond their leadership.  In these cases, they could do no wrong nor tell any lies.  Some were more than adored, even worshiped as gods.  Many of these were committing crimes against humanity and proposing lies and hatred that made their nations very evil. 

May God give us rulers who truly strive for the good of the people instead of desiring to become rich and, ultimately, abusing their power.  Democracies have precisely such guidelines in place; to keep in check those in power and to help in the ruling of its governors.   This hopefully keeps every one honest and accountable, even though it can be perverted.  If we respect our leaders, even bad ones, society will be stable and peaceful.  Such stability would then impact, positively, other positions of authority such as teachers, police, firefighters, etc.  We might even listen to the Word of God. He blesses all who seek peace and truthfulness.