Greater benefits for many in their daily battle of life.
I MUST SEE LIFE                                                  By Phil Güereña Sr. 

I must see life through the eyes of the greatest moral compass ever given to mankind- The Ten Commandments.  They were given on two tablets of stone and written by the finger of God.  Therefore, no man can change them, update them, nor redefine them.  They are absolutely correct in all their intention of teaching man how to love God and how to love his fellow man.  You can try to alter them but they will always stand firm.  There are two parts but one concept.   The first tablet gives us the way to love God, and the second one is how to love one another.

A good example would be an episode that happened to Chuck Colson.  He was a highly esteemed corporate lawyer who was a personal advisor to President Ricard Nixon.  Chuck was caught in the Watergate scandal and spent some time in prison.  He became a firm believer in the Bible and salvation through Jesus Christ.  Colson wrote his autobiography and a lot of books on the Christian life which some became best sellers.  He was visiting some old friends in Washington D.C. who were involved in the national education of the country.  They bragged to Chuck Colson letting him know that the Ten Commandments and Christianity were no longer needed in the education of the country.  

Then they got down to business lamenting how all the schools in the U.S.A. had a very difficult problem that plagued the whole system.  Stealing was so common that not only did the students steal but the teachers did as well.   Chuck commented and said: “Why not put on the blackboards “You shall not steal.” 

 I think another good idea would be to also post, “You shall not kill.”   Just exhibiting these commands will not stop all the damage that these crimes will do, but it certainly will hold back many and make a positive statement that these actions are bad and to be avoided by all good citizens.  If society believes that stealing and killing is wrong, then it will be following two of the The Ten Commandments.  How about “You shall not commit adultery.”?   If they try and hide these teachings they will suffer the consequence of their folly.  When they were openly displayed, it did not stop people from holding back these carnal impulses, but it made a very positive statement of the malicious actions of disobeying these concepts is evil. 
Some say that it is cruel to kill a murderer.  However, that person cruelly ended the life of someone.  In some countries where capital punishment is not practiced, they find a way of killing some of these murderers.   If you want vengeance on anyone who killed your mother, for example, then you would pay the authorities.  A large sum of money would be paid to allow the prisoner to escape and he or she would be killed because they were trying to escape.  In Spanish it is called- La ley fuga.  Sorry, but he was trying to escape and we had to shoot him.

Posting The Ten Commandments will lead us in paths of righteousness in knowing what is evil and what is good.  Man certainly needs to know this, but it seems that many underestimate the moral, physical and personal destruction that these calamities can bring.  Just knowing these demands will not hinder the lustful sinful cravings that come calling. Part of the Lord’s Prayer is: “And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.”   We need God’s help.  “Direct my steps by your word, And let no iniquity have dominion over me.”  Ps.119:133     May this also be our prayer.