Greater benefits for many in their daily battle of life.

These past two years I just keep writing articles.  Sometimes I get up out of bed write down some ideas, and notes.   Then they are developed into articles, some of which I have been thinking of or wrestling with for years.  I MUST CONQUER ANGER,  I MUST KILL MY PRIDE ,  I MUST KILL MY LYING,   I MUST KILL MY REBELLION,   I MUST KILL MY RIGHTS,   I MUST FORGIVE.  I have probably written about 380 articles in Spanish and in English.  There are about 40 of them posted on my website.  http://greaterbenefitsfoundation.com/ We have started a Foundation, Greater Benefits Foundation with the hopes of publishing and promoting my books and articles.  With any and all funds we desire to help finance these endeavors, but also many projects and ministries.  All of my articles and writings have done well because God has given me excellent editors in English and in Spanish. 
All of this, the foundation, has taken a lot of work and legal transactions.  Many professional people have given us legal advice and services free.  This has allowed the foundation to be up and running.  We are very grateful for all of those who have helped guide us through this process.  Getting it all together took additional work and hours of constant labor.  This was done by my faithful co-worker and disciple, Kirk Ervin.  He, through the Lord’s blessing, was able to build our website and continues to maintain it to this day. I also had to add two new chapters on my book, not yet published, CONQUERING OPEN AND HIDDEN ANGER.  One was the ANGER OF GOD and the other one THE CONSEQUENCES OF DOMINATING ANGER.   The logo for our Foundation was done by Augusto Saenz; he is an excellent artist and photographer. 
Amy and I celebrated 60 years of marriage, I have written an article about this titled, SIXTY YEARS.  You can look it up on my website.  I must say that Amy and THE LORD are the main reasons why this has been possible.  She has given me godly children and grandchildren as well as a loving forgiving, faithful companion.   I am officially retired as pastor emeritus.  The church, Northwest Chapel, has given me a life time office which I use and thoroughly appreciate. 
We are blessed with two new great granddaughters.  Our daughter Laurie is the grandmother and she lives nearby about one and half miles.  Martin our youngest son is the missions pastor at Northwest Chapel.  His wife Kristy is a wonderful partner and co-worker as well as a very gracious hostess.  Their son, our grandson, Daniel is married and he and his wife are worship leaders in their church.  Our son Phil Jr. is a missionary in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
Our granddaughter Cynthia married a fine Colombian Christian man and they live in Bogota, Colombia and she is the mother of one of our two granddaughters, Isabel Martinez.  Laurie’s two sons, both are doing ministry, live in Fort Collings, Colorado, Alex and Eric.  Alex and his wife, Dani, just had their first child on the 9th of November, Elena Amy. We live in Columbus, Ohio, Plain City, where our daughter lives close by.  She is going, Lord willing, next week to visit them.  We would appreciate very much your prayers for all of us and for our Foundation.  Please pray that God would bless us with funds to publish and promote our books and articles.  Any and all funds that come to us, our foundation, would be used to help sponsor many projects and ministries.  Thank You very, very much.  May this coming year be the best one we all ever had.  “Unto us a Son is given.”  He is the reason for the season    Phil and Amy Guerena