Greater benefits for many in their daily battle of life.
Miserable man that I am                                      By Phil Guerena Sr.

Miserable man that I am said the Apostle Paul in the New Testament of the Bible.  He was struggling with sin in his life and came to that conclusion. However he found victory over this problem by learning to walk in the Spirit of God and not in his own flesh.   Many facing the same difficulty will probably come to the same conclusion.  Before we get there we have to believe that God’s law is perfect and it should be our goal in spite of our imperfections.   “The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul. The testimony of the LORD is sure making wise the simple, Psalm 19:7.” Reflecting on God’s Word will humble anyone who seeks truth.

When we realize how short we fall from a perfect guide it will makes us confess our own unworthiness.  I remember my arrogant angry days that almost destroyed my marriage, children and anyone close to me. I should have realized this much sooner since I was a Bible school and seminary graduate.  I brought anger into my marriage since I had it for generations past. Miserable man that I am; I cried out. Using my Bible training I started a profound research on this subject. I was surprised to see so many teachings on it. Not only was it good for my life but others received the benefits from this study also.  I developed a seminar based upon what I had learned and called it conquering anger, given in Spanish and in English. But it scared many people away who were not wanting to admit they too had the same or similar struggle in their life. This was especially true with the English speaking people.

Maybe I should have entitled it- THE JOY OF CONTROLLING ALL YOUR EMOTIONS.  Then we could have taken them to the place where the Apostle Paul admitted failure and found victory. Well do I remember the time I was giving a seminar of discipleship in a Hispanic seminary.   I included in my teaching my research involving victory over anger.  Present was a member of the faculty checking in on me to make sure I was presenting correct theology.   I confessed that anger had controlled me and I mistakenly excused it as normal. Upon realizing the trash I was saying and doing, I was humbled which, in turn, caused me to cry out - miserable man that I am.   The faculty member got up in the middle of class and began to proclaim in a loud voice- miserable man that I am. He did it many times as he walked out of the classroom. Evidently, he had done a lot of negative things with his wrath.    He saw the Light and walked out of darkness.

Actually, the English text of the Bible has the translation, O Wretched man that I am.  However, the Spanish version is better for me. There may be several times when this Apostolic phrase can be used when sin is discovered in our lives.  Humbling is so necessary for anyone who desires victory over any pride or arrogance. Sin must be crushed and eliminated or else it will deceive us and destroy us.  
Two of the Apostles were called the sons of thunder because they easily lashed out in anger.  This title was given to them by Jesus even as they were beholding his miracles and hearing of love and forgiveness.  The one who lived became known as the Apostle of love, John the Apostle. May God allow us to find humbleness that He might teach us His love?  “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart, Be acceptable in Your sight, O LORD, my strength and My Redeemer, Psalm 19:14.”