Greater benefits for many in their daily battle of life.
THE PATHS 0F LIFE                                               By Phil Guerena Sr

“Since I have started reading your articles, I have stopped drinking and I am no longer an alcoholic.” This is what someone told me after he had read a few of my articles. However, I have never written on that subject. If my writings are helpful to anyone who is trapped in a negative stage of life, thank God, and may He continue to bless you.  “A word spoken at the right time is like apples of gold in settings of silver. A wise correction to a receptive ear is like a gold ring and an ornament of gold.” (Proverbs 25:11-12 Holman Bible) It is my hope that the various topics expounded upon in my articles will assist many in the paths of life.  Living can be very complicated and confusing. It does not have to be that way.  God wants us to have an abundant, peaceful, and meaningful life. His way is always better than our way. He makes no mistakes.

All situations will require a good solution. I do not have answers for everything in life that is for sure.  Nevertheless, I can share some victorious moments in the journey of life that are inspired by the Bible. Jesus Christ the great healer of life and sin, took difficult questions and explained them with very positive words giving simple short answers.  An example is who is my neighbor that I must love? The Good Samaritan is that person that knew who I must love.  For the one asking the question, there were no good Samaritans, they were all bad.  This Samaritan who was thought to be an enemy, stooped down, and rescued a wounded stranger in need; who most likely was from the waring party since he came from Jerusalem. This merciful person went out of his way with time, kindness, money and cares to make provisions for this individual’s safe recovery.

Another instance is the Prodigal son that I must completely forgive and restore. A beautiful short story is related of a rich man's son who was raised with all the finer things of life. He wore the finest clothes and shoes, ate the best meals, and lived in want of virtually nothing.  His pride led him away from home and into a life of complete despair. Things got so bad that he found himself sleeping and eating with pigs, the very animals his customs had taught him to avoid. Upon hitting rock bottom, the son, made the decision to return home. He had left dressed as a rich man’s son, but now he came home with no shoes on his feet and stinking like a pig. He was hugged and given a bath, shoes, and restored with a big party. My son who was lost has come home. There was a big party given in honor of the prodigal who came home safely. No one can speak like Jesus, “Never has man spoken like this man,” was said of Him.  We can allow ourselves to be guided by Him. Therefore, using His examples, I hope that my short narrations might be able to instruct and encourage some and even many.

There are a multitude of excellent books written on forgiveness and the theme is worthy to be fully developed.  I have tried to give it a one page explanation so that it can be put into practice immediately. There are many books on life with many pages and that are very profitable intellectually and spiritually. We can certainly learn a lot from them. Reading books will never be replaced by one page explanations. We must continue to read a lot of books and the whole Bible.  There are many people who would like a well worded short document to difficult situations. It is my desire to provide this. Then later on they can be profoundly explained.  For the moment, here are some attempts in helping many to walk in the paths of righteousness.